About us

Our Mission

To promote discipline, sportsmanship, teamwork, and dedication among youth in Western New York; to encourage and motivate such youth to gain leadership qualities, positive attitudes and strength of character; and to provide such youth with opportunities to participate in amateur gymnastics.


Competitive Gymnastics and how you can help

We feel passionate about what our gymnasts do and are proud to support our athletes as they strive for success and self-improvement. Competitive gymnastics is a demanding sport. It encourages strong work ethics and a healthy life style. The kids in our program are boys and girls age 6-17. They practice from 6-20 hours a week and in addition to this they participate in local, regional, and national competitions. These children are very committed. With childhood obesity on the rise in America it is more important then ever to encourage and support our children’s endeavors that include the pursuit of physical fitness, teamwork, personal growth and goal-setting. Competitive gymnastics does all of this and more.

Our organization has over 150 WNY youth members and our management team is made up of community volunteers. We host several gymnastics meets throughout the year and would love for you to to attend. Gymnastics can be a very expensive sport and we strive to keep our cost as low as we can. We hold fundraisers and all proceeds benefit the team so ensure everyone's participation. We also have a financial assistance fund for our families facing hardship.  We are always looking for people who want to become members, come to our events, and help us reach our goals. Click below to learn more.

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